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Licenciando en Teoría e Historia del Arte de la Universidad de Chile, diplomado en Archivística de la misma casa de estudios, actualmente cursando el Magíster en Estudios de la Información de la Universidad McGill (Montreal). Investigación en arte latinoamericano, especialmente sobre arte chileno desde la década del ochenta hasta el presente. Mis intereses son expresionas artísticos que utilizan el cuerpo vivo y/o nuevos medios como fotografía, video, páginas web, tecnologías y propaganda y activismo. // Degree in Visual Arts major in Art History and certificate of archival science from the University of Chile. Currently in the master's program of Information Studies at McGill University. I have worked in research projects that involved processing personal archives and art/photography collections. I have mainly worked around Chilean art from the 80s to the present. My interests are art productions in critical and conflictive contexts (such as the dictatorship in Chile). And artistic expression that use the living body and/or new media such as photography, video, web sites. Keywords: performance, technology, propaganda and activism.

Experiencia de trabajo / Work Experience

D21 Proyecto de Arte / D21 Art Gallery

Research projects and Communication. 2013 - 2019. Development of research projects, monthly writing of press releases for art gallery show and exhibition assistant. Archive and Documents 2013 - 2015. Description and cataloging of documents: art catalogs, postcards, publications and posters, among other printed and graphic materials of the Pedro Montes’ art collection.
Duration: 6 years (2013 - 2019).

Visual Art's Documentation Center

Activities: internship consisting in the description of the content of the audiovisual collection (video-art, tv records, commercial films, performance art documentation, political propaganda films and news report).
Duration: 1 year (2013).

Investigaciones / Research

Mi experiencia profesional se ha desarrollado en las humanidades, trabajando con colecciones y archivos personales de artistas. A través de la investigación inductiva y entrevistas a fuentes primarias la información es reunida para describir los materiales en un catálogo. My professional experience have been developed in the humanities field, working with collection and personal archives related to artists. Through inductive research and interviews to primary sources the information is gathered to describe the items of the catalogue we were building. Through the research approach you get the opportunity to interact with a lot of different information systems and resources such as libraries, archives (public and private, personal and institutional), documentation centers, newspaper and magazines libraries and museums.

Yeguas del Apocalipsis

The Mares of the Apocalypse was an artistic collective active between 1987 and 1997. This research project was made together with PhD Fernanda Carvajal, a sociologist from University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. We interacted with a database created by us. The project was the digitization and description of around 800 items (newspaper articles, magazines, zines, videos, photography, publications, postcards, documents and posters). Because of the quantity, it was possible to describe each item and also used the ISAD-G to describe the archive. The project is disseminated through a website that has been the product of a long documentary research work, plus a series of interviews.
Web Site

Grupo Proceso

Research about the video production company Process Group who documented the quotidian times in Chile under dictatorship from 1982 to 1993.
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Victor Hugo Codocedo

Research and archival work (cataloging, classification and digitization) with the art critic Justo Pastor Mellado, and the undergraduate Vania Montgomery, focused on the collection of the heiress and daughter of a Chilean artists named Victor Hugo Codocedo which died very young in 1988. The project was to digitized some of the pieces of the archive to create a web site about the artistabout the artist Víctor Hugo Codocedo.
Web Site

Departamente de Estudio de los Medios (DEM)

The Media Study Department (DEM) is a research group that develops analytical work around media and technologies of the digital age, in the context of their evolution in the southern hemisphere. This approach takes as its object of study the modern devices and instruments of human interaction, as well as the theories and political implications of these tools under the current digital stage: accelerated, dematerialized, ephemeral and instantaneous.
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Title Year Source URL ISBN/ISSN
Photofinish: Editorial photo-xero-graphic production and its place in Chilean visual arts in the early eighties 2018 CEDA Boletin #5 Eugenio Dittborn Link
Body in action: art and protest under the military dictatorship in Chile 2018 Écfrasis Digital Magazine: Journal of Critical Studies of Contemporary Art and Culture Link 0719-9260
Art and technologies of image reproduction to dispute the order of the dictatorship in Chile 2018 NOiMAGEN Link 0719-7152
Art and political action: Urban interventions in the period of dictatorship and democracy in Chile 2017 Essays on visual arts: Transition visuals. Debates and artistic processes of the 80s and 90s in Chile Link 978-95600-08- 47-3
BURNING in memory: a Pedro Lemebel's exhibition 2016 Nomadias Journal #21 Link 0719-0905


Title of Conference Year Place
VII Transatlantic Project 2015 Providence, USA
Latin American Studies Association 2016 New York, USA
Latin American Studies Association 2017 Lima, Peru
VI Congress of the Argentine Association of Studies on Cinema and Audiovisual 2018 Santa Fe, Argentina

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